Yes, we are always happy to partner with amazing customers to grow together. Contact us.

Lyon Apparel is a one-stop shop for the established brand, medium sized brand, or independent fashion design and design entrepreneur. We provide services in sourcing, product development and design, and manufacturing. For sourcing, we help you find textiles and raw materials. For product development, we provide pattern making, tech packs, labels, packaging, cut and sew, fitting, and samples. In manufacturing, we can handle all things garment related from cut to sew to logistics, and more.

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Yes, we are always happy to partner with amazing customers to grow together. Contact us.
Lyon Apparel is a vertically integrated company that provides services such as sourcing, product development and design, and manufacturing. Lyon Apparel produces its own yarns and fabrics to make some of the world’s finest garments. In addition, we have a full laboratory for textile analysis and color analysis. We also have a creative fashion design team based in Italy that develops the most innovative and fashionable sustainable fabrics around.
We work with Pima cotton, cotton, and TRU-Pima (which can only be found here at Lyon Apparel). In addition, we work with modal, tencel, lyocell, viscose, silk, cashmere, wool, alpaca, vicuña, linen, nylon, polyamide, and recycled polyester.
This question is really open and the possibilities are endless, but as a reference, our largest volume textiles are Jersey, Interlock, French Terry, Fleece, Rib, and Pique. We can provide a full array of other knits and wovens though, in accordance with the needs of your specific garment or apparel design concept.

Our clothing factory offers flexible MOQ’s. For mid-size and small brands, we recommend Grow Fast or Professional MOQs because they provide enough inventory to maintain low risk and still generate profits that you can reinvest in your brand. To view a table of our MOQ’s please visit our website on a desktop or laptop. Or contact us here for more information.

We can quote your garment in US Dollars (USD) or European Euros (EURO).
Price Quotations are valid for 5 days.

Please visit our contact us page for more information on our locations.

Yes, we can arrange factory visits with advanced notice.

Our garment factory takes pride in offering fast lead times & creating custom strategies that fit you. Our average Lead time is 30-60 Days but this can vary depending on the project and client.

We completely understand the desire to know a little bit about price because at the end of the day, the profitability and price point is what defines garment success. It is hard to give a strong quotation without knowing more about what you are doing. Before asking for a quote, maybe you can provide us a little bit more about what you do. The main info we will need are:

  • What garment?
  • What fabric?
  • Quantity?
  • Delivery Date?
  • Is this a luxury, premium economy, or economy level?
  • Is this a new brand?

You can find general information about pricing here.

We do not have a price brochure, unfortunately, as all of our pricing is custom made tailored to our clients’ needs. However, we do have a company profile brochure and garment catalog that we can provide. Please contact us for more information.

At Lyon Apparel, we do not share examples of clients their garments or work. We value their imagination and creativity too much and we vow to protect each of our clients’ garments and apparel ideas. Rest assured, we would never share your ideas either!


Yes, we can help with the design ideation of your collection. We can work with mood boards, inspirational images, and rough sketches.
Yes, we create your pattern blocks based on the size structure you’d like to establish for your brand.
If you delegate to us the development and the production of your collection you will have guidance by an expert team, with years of expertise and experience. We will be taking care of everything (raw material procurements, pattern making, and sampling, logistics, production quantity calculations, etc). You will be guided towards the best cost-efficient and quality solution in the shortest time possible. This allows you to focus on other ares of your business, like growing your brand by focusing your time on leadership, marketing, PR, and sales.
Of course! You will just need to let us know what your goal is, in terms of garment type, market to approach and price level. Based on that we will provide the best solution for your project. Just remember, garments are still hand made and quality is not cheap. You get what you pay for!

No, we do not accept raw materials provided by clients. We can accept a few items, like your tags and other trims. As a full-package manufacturer, we produce your fabric and make your clothing, handling all aspects related to your apparel manufacturing. Learn more about full-package apparel manufacturing here.

Yes, we can add tags, screenprinting, embroidery, or other embellishments. If you wish to customize these garments beyond those techniques, please contact us.
Of course we can. We have a design team that can assist you in creating the artwork for you and your brand.
We would begin with taking your rough sketches and turning them into technical designs. At the same time, we have to perform sourcing of all raw materials and get your approval on those raw materials, so that we can then price out the garments for you. If you are at all concerned about unit price today, that is understandable, but we will source with a target price in mind so that what we show you is within the ballpark of where you want to be in production! Contact Us to learn more.
Set aside a budget for shipping. Also, judge how picky you plan to be: for example, if you are happy with receiving fabric samples in IN STOCK colors, then you usually only pay shipping and a small price for sample meters. On the other hand, if you are dead set on getting your sample fabric in a quantity large enough to make many samples and do it in your exact pantone color and your exact X, Y, or Z preference, you may need to manufacture the yardage and that has a cost apart from what is quoted.

If you have any digital files such as patterns, tech packs, artwork etc. to provide us, please follow the below directions:

  • Artwork (Logo, Tag file, Screen Print artwork…): .ai vector file or .tif
  • Sketches: .pdf or .jpg
  • Pattern: .mdl or .DXF (export in AMAA format) HEADS UP: please do not rename the file once exported in DXF because it could alter the information of the file)
  • Marker: HPGL (if ready to print), PLX (if needs to be modified)
  • Tech Packs: .pdf or .jpg Please rename all the files as follows:
    • YourBrandName-Tag File-style (i.e Lyon Apparel-Tag file-T-shirt Crew Neck or Lyon Apparel-Sublimation-T-shirt Crew Neck)
    • YourBrandName-Sketch-style (i.e Lyon Apparel-Sketch-T-shirt Crew Neck)
    • .mdl: YourBrandName-style (i.e Lyon Apparel-T-shirt Crew Neck)
    • .DXF: Maintain the automatic exportation name. – attach a legend with the marker information
    • Maintain the automatic exportation name. – attach a legend with the marker information
    • YourBrandName-Tech Pack-style (i.e Lyon Apparel-Tech Pack-T-shirt Crew Neck)

We normally ask to send all material at the beginning of the project in order for our team to organize the work at best and not to incur into delays. Since the Product Development process requires many parts involved the best way to have the project under control and on track it is fundamental to receive everything at the start of the project.

  • MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity
  • MCQ: Minimum Color Quantity

  • PD: Product Development
  • MF: Manufacturing/ Production


Yes. We offer two types of options:

  • IN-STOCK Fabrics: this allows you to have access to the fabrics we do have in stock. The main products we have are knitted fabrics (jersey-interlock-fleece-french terry)
  • Custom Fabrics: this is the service you need in case you have special requests. We will search for the fabric you want worldwide. Keep in mind that you will need to provide us with the exact information on the fabric you are looking for (composition/density/colors/finishing)

The process in which our team searches for raw materials and suppliers that meet the functional needs and requirements of your garment, production quantity, and business model.
For in stock raw materials we refer to the items always (or almost) available and which there is no need to produce. In stock raw materials are not customizable but have a big advantage: you don’t have to wait 1-3 months for custom manufacturing. For example, an in-stock Jersey would be available only in certain colors and in the quantity available at that moment in the warehouse. It normally takes 2 weeks at max to restock the item, and have it available again.

We only work with Pantone TCX Color Codes.

Please always send us the Pantone TCX codes as follows.Pantone Name + Codes in this case >>> Example: Greenery (15-0343 TCX)

Heads Up: It is important you clearly communicate if you are aiming to produce a SOLID color or a HEATHER color. FYI: Heather colors have higher MOQ and prices. So please let us know in order for us to properly quote your garments. Thanks!

Natural fabrics -such as cotton, silk and wool – are made of animal or plant-based fibres.

Synthetics are man-made and produced entirely from chemicals to create fabrics like polyester, rayon, acrylic, and many others. Those fibres are known for durability.

Organic Cotton, it is such because during his growth they are ensured unpolluted soil and water, leaving nature makes its cycle. This means that it is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Normally the health and well-being of the people involved is also guaranteed.

Pima Cotton fibers are longer in respect to the conventional cotton ones. This means that, once the fiber is twisted in order to create a thread, it will pill less (Through the spinning and weaving processes that turn raw cotton crops into finished material, a longer fiber length means that fewer fiber ends are exposed on the surface). A less pilling thread allows you to realize a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable.

Pima cotton has a longer life expectancy than other cotton products.

It’s suggested for people who have sensitive skin, kidswear and underwear.

Pima Cotton is originally from Peru, which is still one of the main producers up to nowadays.

It is a phenomenon that happens to the fabric after its first wash. It is expressed by two values in % and determines the shrinkage of the fabric in width and length. Heads up: The fabric shrinkage can also be observed after the ironing, printing or other processes the garment in question it is subject to.
To minimize this problem the fabrics in production are washed and the garment will present 1×1% shrinkage and no skewness. The weight of the fabric will be higher (i.e. a 145 gsm fabric will reach a density of 160 gsm). This of course would happen also after the first washing realized from the costumer. Another very common technique in the knits industry is to cut the pattern bigger of the same percentage of the fabric shrinkage not washed. This means that the garment will result bigger but that after the first washing goes to the correct measurements.
It is a phenomenon that happens to the fabric after its first wash. It is expressed in % and determines the torsion of the fabric.

Yes. We offer two types of options:

  • IN-STOCK fabrics: this allows you to have access to the fabrics we do have in stock. The main products we have are knitted fabrics (jersey-interlock-fleece-french terry)
  • NOT IN-STOCK fabrics: this is the service you need in case you have special requests. We will search for the fabric you want worldwide.

Keep in mind that you will need to provide us with the exact information on the fabric you are looking for (composition / density / colors / finishing).


The sketch is not a technical design, it is more an artistic drawing that gives the idea the designer wants to achieve. It normally represents the worn garment and does not have all technical details. On the other side, a flat design is a technical representation of the garment. It shows the garment as if it was laid down on a flat surface. It is fundamental that the flat design shows all details (seams-top stitches-etc).
The Tech Pack (TP) can be considered as the ID of a garment. For this reason the TP includes all the information and details regarding your garments such as sizes, colors, flat designs, machines used, etc.. It is fundamental because it allows us to have all the information of a garment included in one document in order to communicate them to our manufacturers.
Unfortunately not. A precise quote can be provided just once the garment has been defined in all its details: from the pattern to raw materials, from construction to finishings.
Just send us your designs and we’ll take care of all the rest, we can realize your tech packs for you.
The best solution is to ship us your reference garment in double copy (if possible) for our team to study, analyze and evaluate. Make sure you specify what the garment is a reference for: pattern, fabric, etc.. Please keep in mind that your garments won’t be returned to you at the end of your product development.


  • Pattern Drafting, also known as Pattern Making, is the process of creating 2-D flat pieces of cardstock paper that can be used to cut the fabric, which will then be sewn together to form a 3-D garment.
  • This is a key step in guaranteeing a great fit!
  • It is the physical manifestation of the pattern that will enable our team to make your sample and go forward into production.

We do work with digital pattern making software, yes. We kindly ask you to provide us your pattern in .MDL or .DXF format. In case you decide to send it in DXF kindly export it in AAMA format and do not change the file name once exported (this could alter the file)

If you want to provide us directly with the marker please send it in one of the following formats:

  • HPGL (if ready to print)
  • PLX (if needs to be modified)

Yes, we will be happy to digitize it for you. Please make sure the seam allowances and the straight grains are expressed. If you have the FSR of your pattern send it to us.

Pattern realization is different from garment to garment Please see the below for some general estimates about how long it takes to update a pattern:

  • T-shirt (K-W-U-M) x 2h
  • Tank Top (K-W-U-M) x1h
  • Underwear _ Bottom Part (K-W-U-M) x2h
  • Bra (K-W) x3h
  • Trousers (K-W-U-M) x 3h
  • Dress (K-W-U-M) x 3.5h
  • Jacket (K-W-U-M) x 4.5h
  • Jacket (w/ lining) (K-W-U-M) x 6h
  • Hat (K-W-U-M) x 2.5h

Keep in mind that the hours expressed above are only for reference. Every garment is different and can comport different realization time.

It is a chart in which are indicated the anatomical measures of the body. In this measures it is not considered the wearability that is different for each style. This means that your garment in size S (i.e) will fit a woman with those particular measures expressed.
It is a chart in which are indicated the real measure of the garment. In this measures it is considered the wearability that is different for each style. To this chart it is normally always match a technical flat with arrows that show how to take the measures on the physical garment.
In the SIZE CHART are indicated the anatomical measures of the body. In this measures it is not considered the wearability that is different for each style. This means that your garment in size S (i.e) will fit a woman with those particular measures expressed. On the other side in the GARMENT MEASUREMENT CHART are indicated the real measure of the garment. In this measures it is considered the wearability that is different for each style. To this chart it is normally always match a technical flat with arrows that show how to take the measures on the physical garment.

FSR stands for Full Size Range. This means that when we realize a FSR in:

  • Pattern Making: We are grading the pattern. (i.e. the sample is in size M, but we grade the pattern to obtain sizes S,M,L,XL for production)
  • Sample Making: we will sample all the sizes you are producing.

No, we cannot copy another brand’s garment. However, we can draw inspiration from it and provide something innovative and similar for your brand.

1. Source the raw materials used in your reference garment (we will make our best in order to find the most similar options we can)

2. Copy the pattern in order to reproduce the style and fit.

All the above we can do, but our suggestion is to always personalize your product in order to make it unique.


Construction-wise (sewing) it depends on the type of garment you want us to realize. For example, a t-shirt is for sure easier and therefore faster to sew than a lined coat.

What is mandatory to keep into consideration is the raw material sourcing. If you want us to use an in-stock fabric, we will just need to locate it in our warehouse, without incurring in the sourcing process. Sourcing is the main variable and can take different timing.

Of course we can.

If you have placed a production order this service will be included.

If you want to receive it before, during your product development, you will need to purchase the service for grading realization.

Either way, the size grading will include the main measurements of your garments and will be sent to you for approval.

Yes, you can. You will just need to purchase an FSR (full-size range).

We do not normally recommend this option due to the fact that it is not very cost-effective.


It depends on the fabric structure, printing technique, and other factors. A good rule of thumb is 500 meters or yards.
It is normally 125 Kilograms per color. This is subject to change based on knit structure and color. This may translate to about 400-500 meters.
Yes, there are. Please write to our sales team, they will provide you a quote for the exact service you want.
Yes, but make sure you tell our sales department this in order for them to bill you accordingly to your request.
It depends on the type, the quality, the dimension of the print.

  • Sublimation
  • Screen Print
  • Water Based ink
  • Plastisol
  • Laser Print

Sure we can! You’ll just need to provide us the fabric you want to print and the type of printing you are aiming to have (screenprint – laser print – plastisol print – sublimation print – etc). Heads up to make sure you can apply the printing you want to your selected fabric.
There may be tooling fees for artwork you’d like us to develop for you. In case you’d like to receive further details please contact us and request a quote.


The production quote is provided by our costing & finance department. If you have key elements defined, like your tech pack, fabric, pattern, sample, or raw materials, send them to or use our contact page. Our team can provide a quote within 2-3 business days.

If you do not have these key elements defined, we can help you define them so we can arrive at a production quotation that fits your business.

We can turn around an estimate within 2-3 business days.
No, we do not. Lyon Apparel is a full package manufacturer and we do not sell fabric.
On average it takes 30-35 days, upon order receival, if the yarn is in-stock.
TOP stands for “top of production” and is a set of samples that is taken off the line during your first production run. Top of production is the final sample stage that happens during production where you get to see what your line will look like before it reaches your customers. HEADS UP: These items are not modifiable.

If you have a big production run with many units (over 5,000 units), yes, you can ask to receive the TOP.

We do not normally allow clients with small quantity production to purchase the TOP. This is because if the production is small, it means that the time gap between the start and the end of the production is very short. For this reason there is no need to have a sample that will be finished 5-6 days before the whole production.

Yes, of course! We can make PP Samples before production. In fact, we often recommend these because they help to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and all the i’s are dotted with the t’s crossed, before we go into production!

There is no obligatory number. What we ask you though, is to keep the size distribution optimized for the production. How do you do that? Keep a common denominator through all your sizes. Kindly see example below:

  • Total Units: 4,000
  • Size Range: S-M-L-XL
  • Size Distribution: (S – 500) (M – 1,500) (L – 1,000) (XL – 1,000)

We provide 2 standard packing options:

Each garment will be inserted in a plastic bag obtained from recycled Polyester.

More garments having the same details (style/color/composition/print/size) will be inserted in one big plastic Bag obtained from recycled Polyester. We always recommend this option in case.

  • A. your warehouse will custom pack your garment again
  • B. you want to choose a more sustainable option.


We provide all kinds of packaging from the standard polybag to the more intricate custom made packaging. Ask us how!

The quote includes a clear poly-bag wrap for each individual unit.

The cost of hang tags is normally not considered. We can produce these for you. We simply need a sample of your current tag or a design file + aimed material (heads up: our designers can also propose). Your garment quote includes one brand/size tag!

We did not consider a custom logo on the zipper. This can be done. Typically, such an element requires us to source the zipper and the supplier has to make a sample. Suppliers often charge a 300 + USD or Euro per sample run and it requires about 2-4 weeks. If you go with YKK, they advertise 10 days, but it is often 6 weeks. We do this often for our clients, so it is not a problem. In addition to the long-lead time, the cost per unit may fluctuate by about 0.3 to upwards of 10 USD depending on your zipper choice. The zipper we normally quote is a standard plastic or metal zipper. (So in case you require special trims please let us know before we proceed quoting, thanks!) If you choose to do a custom zipper, you can save the tooling fee by passing on the sample. I do not recommend this because it is a risk that the logo does not look like you want it.


Yes, we do deal with established trusted suppliers around the world for procurement of raw materials.
Of course you can. Our Team will be happy to have you and walk you around our factory. Just tell us when you would like to visit us and we will help you organize your trip. Please note that factory visits are limited to current clients at this time and due to COVID, we are also declining many factory visits to ensure worker safety.

With production ready garments that have production orders in place, we do not for pre-production samples. Please contact our sales department via email at to obtain a quote for your manufacturing.


We can take care of all your shipping needs for you. We offer two methods of shipping –

  1. Via courier if we’re sending small packages (samples, tag books, fabric headers).
  2. Via 3PL (3rd party logistics) if we’re sending your bulk production.

Conversely, we can work with your courier account or freight forwarding company if you are already working with one.

Please note that this is a separate service.

We can ship your products directly to your warehouse or office. We can also ship the products to our warehouse and then hold the merchandise for you or provide fulfillment services in the USA and Europe. Please note that we offer monthly and yearly programs in order to hold your merchandise.
Yes, we can provide poly mailers and packaging materials required to ship domestically and internationally.
Click here to view common lead times for ocean freight and air freight.

Prices can vary depending on some elemental factors:

  • Overall volumetric weight
  • Freight method (air, ocean)
  • Current fuel prices We do our very best to keep costs to a minimum. We do have a better cost projection towards the end of your development.

Yes, you may. However, we suggest using such services for small parcels only. For bulk production, there are other services, such as 3PL, that are more cost effective.
We can offer EXW, FOB, CIF and DDP terms.


At this moment, we do not offer credit terms to new clients.
Payment terms are decided on an order to order basis. Contact us for a quote today.
We accept checks and various forms of bank wire transfer.
You should have a trademark for your brand. Contact us today and our account executives can recommend attorney’s specialized in Fashion to help you set-up your trademark, your brand, and your company.


Our organization was founded on sustainability and we are dead set on changing the way apparel is manufactured. Contact us to receive a copy of our Sustainability Profile.

Our thirty minute initial consultation session is your best bet. If you require further consultation, we do offer both junior and senior level consulting services for your brand!