About Us.

Lyon Apparel Manufacturing is a family-owned garment factory with over 45 Years of experience in Apparel Manufacturing and circular knitting of Pima Cotton textiles. In 2015, our new factory opened in Lima, Peru just 250 meters away from the Pima Cotton capital of the world: the Peruvian Garment District. With a team of passionate and driven specialists, engineers and garment manufacturing experts, we create the world’s best clothing in a family run environment. We deliver Pima Cotton basics to to brands around the world in amazing quality and sustainability that brings new pride and excellence to Peru’s rich heritage of clothing and fashion production.
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Our Mission!

To keep making amazing quality Pima Cotton and manufacturing amazing garments for you and your customers.

Our Ethics.

A Beginning From One Simple Dream.
Create an apparel manufacturing that provide sustainable, fashion-forward, quality clothing production in a system that is honest, transparent, and friendly to our earth. Our founders wanted to create the world’s most positive, collaborative, and innovative environment to foster and foment fashion design and sharing of information in fashion, all backed by our unique sustainable and eco-friendly apparel manufacturing factory.
When a Peruvian is looking for the best quality garments, they ask for ‘Calidad de Exportacion’. This phrase translates to “Export Quality” and when a consumer in Peru wants the best, they often ask the factory, shop owner, or business to provide Export Quality Goods. Our founders and our organisation believes this phrase needs to change. Export quality should not be considered the best quality. The best quality should be considered National Peruvian quality. Our team and our founders are committed to providing the highest quality garments, both for export clients and for national Peruvian clients. That means that with Lyon, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best product quality in the world in knitwear and in Pima Cotton, a quality that is second to none and an amazing fit for all citizens of our global world. This is just one of our promises to you.

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